Playing Opportunities

Do you know that boy's volleyball has been in Texas for decades?  In some areas of the State, specialized club teams represent the only opportunity to play organized boys volleyball and receive quality coaching.  This is changing.  In other states where boys volleyball is more established, it is not uncommon for players to first pick up the sport around their freshman year in high school.  We are working on developing opportunities for new players to try out the sport and develop into elite athletes.  Below are some of the opportunities that exist:

Entry Level Opportunities:


For players of all ages who are interested in learning more about the sport and developing into more seasoned players without committing to demanding club dues, travel, and other expenses:

- Introductory volleyball clinics

- Recreational volleyball leagues

- Open gyms


Click here for more info on entry level opportunities.

High School Opportunities


Several private high schools already compete in the Southwest Preparatory Conference.  For public schools and non-SPC private schools, work is underway to introduce an interscholastic boys volleyball league to kick-off during the 2014-15 school year.  The league will be structured as a league of interscholastic clubs similar to lacrosse and ice hockey in Texas.  


We need high school age players with initiative to pioneer the sport at their schools.  Contact us if you'd like to learn more or need help getting your program up and running. 


Club Volleyball


Texas-based boys volleyball clubs have experienced great success at the national level.  The problem has been that too few clubs exists.  As entry-level and high school boys volleyball programs develop, our belief is that club volleyball will naturally also flourish, as has been the experience in nearly every other state with high participation rates in boys volleyball.


Generally, club programs are best for players who have already received some coaching and are firmly committed to pursuing the sport.  If your goals include playing NCAA volleyball or higher, club volleyball is a necessity!


Click here for a listing of Texas-based volleyball clubs offering boys' programming.